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Top 5 things you need to know if you want to become pregnant:

There are many things to think about when planning a pregnancy and one of the most important is the health of the parents. The parents’ health determines the quality of the DNA used to form the child. This also impacts fertility in a very strong way, almost more so than anything else.

Ensure that you have adequate nutrition: think of this as preparing the body like you would a garden. You need to have good nutrient stores in order to give all the right stuff to the growing baby. Taking a high quality prenatal vitamin before you become pregnant will help to ensure you have healthy amounts of the most crucial vitamins like folic acid. Most practitioners recommend using the methylfolate form of folic acid due to a common genetic mutation that prevents the body from using regular folic acid.

If you take prescription medications, have them evaluated to be sure that they are compatible with pregnancy. Stop taking any type of hormones to let your body get into its own rhythm. You may be able to get off certain medications with natural treatment and be healthier overall.

Be sure that you are getting regular exercise so that your body will be strong and ready for carrying a growing baby. Having a regular exercise program before pregnancy is important in being able to stay active while pregnant.

Detoxify: 4-12 months of preconception care enhances healthy pregnancy and baby. It takes at least 3 months for the body to prepare an egg for ovulation and men to produce fresh sperm. Your entire health status is reflected in the quality of these most important parts of the new baby. Remember, all of the DNA that makes up the baby comes from these two things. It is not recommended to do any type of detoxification in the 3 months before or during pregnancy so not to expose the baby to mobilized toxins.

Start tracking your cycles so that you get to know and can better predict when you will be ovulating. This takes several months of tracking before your ovulation becomes predictable so start now! Simple basal body testing every morning can show you the subtle changes that happen over each month

Bonus: Men need preconception care too! Healthier men have better fertility just like women.

To learn more about what Dr. Magerus has to offer for preconception care, come to her upcoming talk on March 14th at 6pm. Call 602-493-2273 to RSVP today !

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