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At the core of Naturopathic Care is the Therapeutic Order.  This is the underlying framework for true holistic medicine.  The whole person improves when we start with the first 3 principles!  If we are not identifying what is standing in our way and improving the overall vitality of the patient first, then true healing will be difficult to find.

Dr. Magerus takes every case as an individual and knows that there are many paths to health and many places to start. Together with her patients, she creates a partnership where together they decide that will work best with the patient.

1. Remove the Obstacles to Cure - Establish the foundation for optimal health

2. Stimulate the innate healing power of the individual

3. Support and restore weakened systems

4. Address structural integrity and alignment if necessary

5. Natural symptom relief with natural substances

6. Synthetic symptom relief with pharmaceutical medications if necessary

7. High force interventions like surgery or chronic medication

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