Sleep. We have forgotten how!

Ah sleep... the elusive dreamy secret to anti-aging and rejuvenation! A long time insomniac myself, I feel that I have tried "almost everything" in order to get that solid night of zzz's. In my research, I have discovered that part of the problem with those of us that are chronic insomniacs is that we have forgotten how to get to sleep. Unfortunately, staying asleep once you get there is another animal all together and I will post another blog just on that topic so stay tune

Trouble sleeping? Make sure your sleep hygiene is working for you!

1. Dim the lights in your house after dinner - Dimming lights helps your body to make melatonin which is your sleep hormone - Avoid "screens" such as television, computers, tablets, cell phones before bedtime 2. Develop sleep ritual that give your body cue's that its time to go to sleep. - Take a bath, listen to relaxing music or read something soothing before bed - Enjoy a cup of caffeine free herbal tea such as Chamomile - Repetition of these habits helps your body to know